Regional Comparison of Fees and Charges

This section provides data on government imposed costs on the development of new housing. 

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has completed several reviews of government imposed charges on new housing, which include a selection of urban areas in British Columbia.   Some can be found at the following links:

Levies, Fees, Charges, Taxes and Transaction Costs on New Housing
Part of the 2001 Research Highlight — Socio-economic Series.

Levies, Fees, Charges and Taxes on New Housing: 2002
This extensive and detailed research examines the levies, fees, charges and taxes on the development and construction of common types of new housing in 30 municipalities across Canada.

Government-imposed Charges on New Housing in Canada
Part of the 2009 Research Highlight — Socio-Economic Series.

Government-imposed Charges on New Housing in Canada (2009)
Part of the 2010 Research Highlights — Socio-economic Series.

Regional surveys of local government practices and fee schedules could provide readily comparable information to help set fees and to calculate financial feasibility of building across regions. 

The provincial government is exploring ways to collect and present information on development related fees and charges for more local governments across the province. Data will be posted here as it becomes available.