Toolkits and Publications

Housing Matters BC: A Housing Strategy for British Columbia
British Columbia's Housing Strategy contains piorities on improved access to affordable rental housing and homeownership as an avenue to self-sufficiency.

Policy and Planning

Smart Growth BC
The eight most common affordable housing policies, programs and strategies used by local governments: inclusionary zoning, secondary suites, density bonus, resale price restrictions, housing fund, land banking, housing organization and partnerships.

Best Practices in Affordable Housing
Reviews a range of affordable housing approaches used by local governments in Canada and the US.  Addresses: inclusionary zoning, density bonus, rent restriction, resale price restriction, secondary suite policy, and demolition policy.

Housing in Canada Online
Generate custom tables with data on household characteristics and core housing need, from 1991 to 2006.

West Coast Environmental Law: Smart Bylaws Guide
Developed to assist local governments with smart growth strategies. Contains case studies, technical standards and bylaws that can be tailored to specific municipal circumstances.

Planning for Housing: An Overview of Local Government Initiatives in British Columbia
Results of a 2003 survey of local governments. Information on initiatives to encourage a range of housing options.

Local Government Guide for Improving Market Housing Affordability
Highlights effective practices and provides practical information to consider in new affordable housing initiatives.

Resources for local governments and their constituents
BC Housing programs and services that benefit your local government as well as residents, builders and developers in your community.

CivicInfo BC
Local government information - includes a section on affordable housing.

Canada’s national resource on municipal issues. Information to support local government policies, practices and service delivery.

Rental Housing

Rental Housing Planning Guide
Tools for local government – describes policies to address housing issues.

Secondary Suites: A Guide for Local Governments
Highlights practices intended to promote affordability, stability, and quality in the housing stock. Eight case examples are provided.

Development Cost Charges

DCC Best Practices Guide
Describes Development Cost Charges and the broad policy issues which should be considered before the establishment of a DCC bylaw.  A technical manual detailing the procedures and calculations associated with a DCC bylaw is included.

DCC Guide for Elected Officials

Development Finance Choices Guide
Finance tools for growth-related infrastructure available to local governments in British Columbia; outlines considerations and provides guidance on the design and implementation of key tools.

Public Transit

Integrating Transit and Land Use: Building Sustainable Communities

Federal/National Resources

Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMBC) Affordable Housing Centre
A broad range of information, tools and resources on the financial and technical requirements for an affordable housing project.

CMHC Affordable Housing Ideas
A range of strategies, illustrated by case studies that have been used by private, non profit and public sectors in varied contexts and for diverse purposes.

The Conference Board of Canada
Affordable housing tools that can be applied at the local to national level including: innovative financing techniques, identifying at risk groups and housing options.

Affordability and Choice Today (ACT)
The ACT initiative was created in 1990 to help overcome planning and building regulatory barriers to the development of affordable housing by funding and promoting practical solutions at the local level.  Case studies and information sheets can be downloaded. Many practical write-ups from BC local governments are included.
Further resources from ACT:

Resources to counter NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard)

Housing in My Backyard: A Municipal Guide for Responding to NIMBY
Gaining community acceptance for housing developments including residential intensification, secondary suites or publicly sponsored non-profit or other “affordable housing.” Highlights good practices in use by municipalities across Canada.

Other Resources

Within Your Means
The Canadian Homebuilder's Association of BC maintains a website on affordability.

Household Income Limits
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) sets income limits for provincially subsidized housing each year. The income limits vary, depending on the community and number of bedrooms in the unit.

Community Partnership Initiative
Through the program, BC Housing provides advice, referrals to partnership opportunities and interim financing, and arranges long-term financing for non-profit societies to create self-sustaining, affordable housing developments.