Provincial Housing Strategy and Programs

Housing Policy Branch develops provincial housing policy, strategies and programs and provides policy advice on issues such as strata properties, Aboriginal off-reserve housing, housing markets, social housing, homelessness, housing for persons with special needs and the role of local government in housing.

Provincial Housing Strategy
Housing Matters BC provides a comprehensive strategy for reducing homelessness and ensuring every British Columbian has access to safe, affordable and appropriate housing today and into the future. While the strategy addresses the full housing continuum – from homelessness to home ownership – the main focus is on ensuring those most in need of help have improved access to housing and supports.

Aboriginal Housing
The Government of British Columbia works in partnership with Aboriginal groups, other provincial agencies and the federal government to support and improve off-reserve Aboriginal housing for First Nations and Aboriginal people in British Columbia.

Affordable Housing
BC Housing is the provincial crown agency that develops, manages, and administers a wide range of subsidized housing options. In partnership with private and non-profit partners, other levels of government, health authorities, and community groups the agency helps increase affordable housing options for British Columbians in need. Approximately 95,000 households benefit from government-subsidized housing.

Homeowner Protection Office
The Homeowner Protection Office is responsible for licensing residential builders and building envelope renovators, administering owner builder authorizations, and carrying out research and education which benefits the residential construction industry and consumers. These responsibilities help bring about improvements in the quality of residential construction in B.C. and helps strengthen consumer protection for buyers of new homes.

Supportive Housing
In 2008, the BC government announced property tax relief for non-profit societies to help address housing challenges for our most vulnerable British Columbians. The Assessment Act was amended to create a supportive housing property class; properties designated into that class are valued at a nominal amount.